Electronic Cigarette Advantages

Electronic cigarettes are used as an alternative way of smoking. You cannot quit smoking in a day. You need to go through a process in order to quit the habit. Regular smoking creates crave in the body. It is important to overcome this craving. With the electronic cigarette, you can start the process of quitting cigarettes. E-cig is an abbreviation used for electronic cigarette. Nicotine is a harmful product that is used in the normal cigarette. Nicotine is not used in the electronic cigarette. Therefore electronic Cigarettes are not harmful. E-fluids and e-liquids are used in the e-cigarette. These e-liquids are used in the form of fruit juices, herbal tea, coffee and candies are used in the electronic cigarette.

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin is used as a carrier of e-liquid. Diluted form of nicotine is used in the e-cigarette. The quantity of nicotine is fixed in the electronic cigarette. Generally 0mg to 25mg of nicotine is used in the e-cigarettes. You can control the amount of nicotine in the body. It is not injurious …

Here are Some Helpful Tips From Those Who Have Quit Successfully

This advice comes from people who actually quit smoking and haven’t looked back!  Special thanks to Rita, Jerry, and Geraldine for helping out today.

Have you been trying to quit smoking? Have the quitting smoking methods you’ve tried failed you repeatedly? Everyone who smokes has a different set of needs when it comes to quitting smoking. Some people are best at cold turkey quitting. Others need to slowly cut back. And still others find that a replacement or substitute is the only way. Here are a few examples of quitting smoking methods that have worked for some people.

Cold Turkey: When to Try

Quitting cold turkey may be one of the hardest quitting smoking methods out there. It means putting yourself through the nicotine withdrawals all at once. For some people, getting it over with is better because they feel like any flexibility in their decision to quit will introduce irresistible temptations. If you are allowed to smoke a few cigarettes per day, it’s too easy to smoke more than the allowed number. But if …