Here are Some Helpful Tips From Those Who Have Quit Successfully

This advice comes from people who actually quit smoking and haven’t looked back!  Special thanks to Rita, Jerry, and Geraldine for helping out today.

Have you been trying to quit smoking? Have the quitting smoking methods you’ve tried failed you repeatedly? Everyone who smokes has a different set of needs when it comes to quitting smoking. Some people are best at cold turkey quitting. Others need to slowly cut back. And still others find that a replacement or substitute is the only way. Here are a few examples of quitting smoking methods that have worked for some people.

Cold Turkey: When to Try

Quitting cold turkey may be one of the hardest quitting smoking methods out there. It means putting yourself through the nicotine withdrawals all at once. For some people, getting it over with is better because they feel like any flexibility in their decision to quit will introduce irresistible temptations. If you are allowed to smoke a few cigarettes per day, it’s too easy to smoke more than the allowed number. But if you just quit all at once, there’s no blurring the line.

If you think cold turkey might be the best way for you to quit, make sure you do it when you have the energy and enthusiasm to go through with it. Going on vacation is a good time, because you will be away from your normal routine. If you can time those first two or three days for right before you leave, you’ll have the nicotine out of your system by the time you leave on vacation. When you are stressed out, quitting will be the hardest. We lose our ability to resist temptation when we are tired or under pressure.

Nicotine Replacements

If you just want to stop smoking tobacco, but don’t mind being addicted to nicotine, you have a number of options. Nicotine patches, nicotine gums or lozenges, and electronic cigarettes all offer an alternative way to get that nicotine without the smoke, tar, and other chemicals that are in tobacco cigarettes. Many people find that they are just as addicted to the nicotine replacement as they were to cigarettes, but they no longer feel the sensation of tightness in their lungs and throat, and they feel healthier all around. Your senses of smell and taste will come back and you and your belongings will no longer smell like a stale ashtray.

Electronic cigarettes offer a similar experience of inhaling something warm and comforting, which is why many people choose to switch to them rather than quitting altogether. You can still go through the motions of your enjoyable habit, which allows you to take breaks throughout the day, but without the smoke.

Slowly Cutting Back

If you are really serious about quitting smoking, the best way to do so is to cut back slowly. Make a schedule for yourself and set some goals. Even if you smoke one less cigarette per day each week, you’ll be making progress. It’s the slow but steady way, but if you work best when under reasonable deadlines and by taking baby steps, you can use this quitting smoking method very effectively. Plan it out carefully and reward yourself for hitting each goal.