Levels of Nicotine in E-cigaretes

Cigarettes are very addictive. However, with the help of modern science, they have developed a way to get smokers off the hook with a device called the e-cigarette. The e-cigarette gets the smokers off the regular cigarettes by lowering their nicotine dosage depending on the cartridge of the e-cigarette.

Even if they are electronic, e-cigarettes can also have high nicotine levels as your normal cigarette. The reason for this is because people who want to quit need to slowly decrease their nicotine level consumption.

There are six classes of nicotine levels in an e-cigarette all of them vary on the amount of nicotine it contained. They are named: Super Extra High, Extra High, High, Medium, Low and None. These six classes of e-cigarettes vary in nicotine levels making it easier to ‘level down’ with the nicotine dosage.

Super Extra High nicotine levels are for those whose nicotine addictions are up the roof. The nicotine levels that the Super Extra High contain is like that of the unfiltered cigarettes and contains 28 mg of nicotine.

The Extra High is for those who want to start off (because of their addiction) to stronger cigarettes or cigarettes that have a smaller filter. The Extra High level cartridge of an e-cigarette is also ideal for those who have stepped down from the Super Extra High nicotine levels.  The nicotine level for this cartridge is 22 mg.

For  those who smoke regular types of cigarettes, the High level cartridge is just right for them. With only 18 mg of nicotine level, this cartridge is the most popular nicotine level to start when you’re addicted to normal filtered cigarettes.

The medium nicotine level, a level with only 14 mg is where people usually take their first step in withdrawal. The nicotine level in this cartridge is like that of a light cigarette. When you are in the low-level cartridge however, you are one step more to having your body become nicotine free because the low cartridge is the second to the lowest nicotine level before reaching a nicotine free cartridge. The cartridge only consists of 8 mg of nicotine and can be compared to that of an ultra light cigarette.